4K Technology

4K technology ?

4K is resolution.
4,096x2,160 and 3,840x2,160 two kinds of products are being launched.

Resolution Size

Services4K Benefits

Realization of Large Screen
Measure to solve scale and resolution under the enlargement of digital signage.
High Realization
Possible to show texture lively due to picture element by 4 times of FHD.
Future Content
Content trend are turned its attention to 4K.

  • Realization of Large Screen
  • High Realization
  • Future Content

ServicesDilli 4K Technology

4K(UHD) Video Running
Low format image is encoded into H.264 format and real-time running output is possible without separate video editing work.
SET TOP PC Network Type
Support of playback system supporting fixed layout of 2x2, 4x4 etc and non-fixed layout.
Free Contents Arrangement
By using W Admin or Live Editor, the shape and location of each element can be freely arranged according to the environment.
Real-Time Distribution of Contents
No additional setup is needed and real-time distribution to video wall is possible if real-time Distribution fuction is activated after selecting the contents without scheduling of contents.

  • Video Wall Support Functions
  • Live Caster
    Stream Repeater
    Function of IP Camera Display
    Function of Screen Schedule
    Function of Media Authoring Schedule
    Screen Layout Editor of Media
    Function of the Reconfiguration of Media per Non-fixed form Monitor spec
    Support of 4K grade partial playback in Android Client Player
    Automatic Restoration of Sync time error of Multi-monitor media
    VideoWall ui/ux in power point type
    Screen Transition Effect
    Supply of the scheduler of urgent message transfer between long distance (WAN) for videowall
    Support of the manual registration of monitor spec(ppi, Width, Height, bezel) library

Services Control

SIGNEASY Control that is Key solution of SIGNEASY enabling both total and partial control. Wireless control by PC such as on/off, brightness, contrast. backlight etc.

  • Various functions PC control

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