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To. All the customers who have been visiting DILLI's New Webpage and all staffs of DILLI cooperative companies.

Our current society is a knowledge-based society. As technology combination and convergence rapidly proceed in entire industry, the technology innovation and the human resource development with creativity are becoming the most inportant factor ahead of everything else.
We, Dilli management and staff, believe what our customers want is not that we just manufacture products with high technology but that we create the value technology which exactly meet their needs wishes and manufacture products based on this technology.
To maximize the life quality of our customers and help them to lead their own value lives, we are constantly going through self-innovation and self-development.
From abacus manufacturing to drawing instruments, measuring devices and digital printing industry, furthermore, we are creating next generation semicon-ductor manufacturing technology and securing various smart technology which is applicable to future industry. This is a start of corporate sustainabillity management which we pursue in order to realize dreams and ideals of our customers.

We are trying to create environment-friendly technology and regard our nature as precious.

We will continuously make efforts to preserve beautiful environment for our next generation.

We are going through continuous changes and innovation to invent products which our customers want.
To achieve this goal, we will do every effort for human resource development and contribute to development of related science.

We are creating new markets with high value-added technology. we will give trust to our customer with our strong financial structure and achieve sustainable growth.

It is easy to make quick profits in a short period, but we know well that such companies can't last long by rigorous evaluation of customers.

Dilli, as a partner creating worth life togehter, will always stay with our customers and cooperation companies.

We hope that you fully enjoy Dilli's world and benefits of techonology led by Dilli
Thank you very much..

President / Ph.D. Engineering
Choi, Keun Soo


Oct  Released High-End Class Neo Titan FB2513-040DWX on SGIA in Orlando
Oct  Selected one of the global specialized company
Jul  Released Semi Jet Print
May  Gained an award for Tin Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit Commendation Medal 

Oct  Launched dedicated UV Roll to Roll machine 

Oct  Awarded by the President of Korea as " The Best Venture Corporation"
Oct  Launched dedicated UV Flatbed machine
Jun  Awarded by Govenrment as corporation with "Advanced Technology Center"
April   Awarded by Govenrment as corporation with "New Excellent Technology"
Jan   Being listed on the stock exchange(KOSDAQ) 

April  Changed Company name Dilli Precision Ind.Co.,LTD -> dilli(digital illustrate inc.)
Mar  The 44th day of the taxpayer won the prize uof the Ministry of Finance

Oct  RoHS(Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) Certification Obtained
Aprt  Developed TCP(Turnkey Cutting-edge Printing) System in UV Inkjet Printer
Aprt  Launched 1024 printer head nozzles to UV Inkjet Printer for the first tiem in the world

Nov  The Certificate of INNO-BIZ Corporation Recognized( Aaa level )
Nov  Export Prize awarded (45th, Export Day)
Oct  Certification a Venture Business Obtained
Sep  The Introduction for ERP
Jan  Pneumatic ink-spraying device using dual pressure difference and other 7 patents registered

Nov  Export Prize awarded (44th, Export Day)
Nov  Commendation Prize awarded by the President
Nov  Commendation Prize awarded by Minister of Commerce, Industry & Energy
Nov  Participating SGIA '07 in USA
Apr  Participating ISA '07 in USA
Apr  Development of Neo Jupiter(Industrial-purpose)

Nov  Export Prize awarded (43rd, Export daty)
Apr  Participating KPCA SHOW 2007, in Korea
Mar  Faithful Tax Payer Prize awarded by National Tax Service

Nov  Export Prize awarded (42th, Export Day)
Aug  Extension and moving to Donducheon Factory
May  CE/FCC Certification obtained
Mar  Selected as the Faithful Tax Payer (Tax Payer Day)

Oct  Exprot Prized awarded (41st, Export Day)
Oct  Completion of UV Flatbed Printer (Neo Deluxe)
Aug  Selected as Promising Medium Company (Kyunggi Province)
Aug  ISO 14001 Certification obtained
Jul  Completion of UV Hybrid Printer (Neo Plus)
Mar  ISO 9001 Certification obtained

Dec  Grand Prized of Medium-level Company (Pocheon City)
Aug  Patent for Minus Pressure Compensation of Inkjet Pressure Control
Aug  R & D Technology Institute Established
Aug  Launching UV Curing UV-1300
Jun  Completion of Neo Jet Development

Apr  Selected Contributor to Science and Technology Enhancement(35th)
Jan  Strarting Development of Neo Jet

Nov  R & D Department Established and Submission
Oct  Completion of Balance Drafting Machine
Aug  EMI Certification obtained

Oct  Practical Design Registeration of 3-D Advertisement Character
Jan  Export contract with Japan Partner (Drafting Machine)

Dec  Selected as Subsutite Company for Military Service 
Sep  Registred 3 Axis Servo Motor Control Program
Aug  Registration Approved as 1st Electrical Manufacturer

Feb  Established Dilli Precision Ltd.
Jan  Acquired Hankuk Sanki Corporation

Feb  Established Hankuk Sanki Corporation

Way to Us

By car

1. Enter into the riverside detour when you just entered the Dongducheon area.
2. Go straight to Souosan and Dongducheon's localindustrial area.
3. Enter the riverside road. Take a right tum to the Dongducheon station when you approach the Anheungyo, 7km on the direction of Soyosan
4. The first front gate on your right, which is 100 m away5. It takes about 40 minte of driving from Eujungbu to Dilli.

By bus or subway
1. Ganeung station(ex north Eujungbu Staion) Take off at the  Dongducheon station on the way to Soyosan(Geneal bus 36, 39 and seated bus 136, 139)
2. subway, Euijungbu station to  Dongducheon station(5 minutes from exit 2)

Tel. : 82 31- 860-5500 Fax. : 82 31-860-5590
542-2  Dongducheon-dong,  Dongducheon-si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea. P.O.Box:483080
(30, Gangbyeon-ro 702beon-gil, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Zip : 483-080)
 E-Mail : oversales@Dilli.co.kr

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